Stayve Neutralizing Foam is designed to calm and soothe the skin after a peel. The Neutralizing Foam is far more effective than just rinsing the off the peel with water, as the Neutralizer stops the peel from penetrating too deeply into the skin. SNF calms inflamed skin and assists in returning the skin to its normal pH level. The foam has a smooth, foamy consistency that glides easily onto the skin, deactivating the acid and providing instant comfort.

Stopping the operation of acids, restoring proper PH to the skin, alleviation of irritations, reduction of redness, preparation of skin for next stages of treatment.

Apply the Neutralising foam on skin avoiding the eye area.
Massage for 2-3 miutes and then rinse the skin with a moist compress, dry the skin and apply tonic.

Before you have MTS treatment, better peel the dead skin off on the face with the proper products to have greater effect.

Volume 150ml

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