Stayve Booster Starter Kit I


The Stayve Booster Starter Kit is a professional skin care product used in a variety of beauty treatments.   Each ampoule is specifically designed with specific ingredients to treat different skin conditions.

Use the Booster Serums with microneedling or nanoneedling/meso therapy treatments to give your clients the glow you can only achieve with BB Glow.


– Whitening Stem Cell Culture Ampoule – 3 Vials

– Aqua Stem Cell Culture Ampoule – 3 Vials

– AC (Acne) Stem Cell  Gold Ampoule – 2 Vials

– Peptide Gold Ampoule – 2 Vials

– Salmon DNA Gold Ampoule – 2 Vials

Note:  Does not include Meso therapy pen. 


–  Use within 2 weeks of opening

– Secure lid and store in the refrigerator after opening

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