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$200.00 / month for 10 months with 1 month free trial and a $300.00 sign-up fee

Channel Pro Device Rent-to-Own Program

Join our Channel Pro Device Rent-to-Own Program Now – ONLY $300 down payment plus shipping + $200/month plus shipping for 10 months.

Cancel anytime with a simple 30-day notice.

What’s Included with the down payment?

Enjoy the perks of this program, designed by professionals for professionals!

  • 1 Month Rental Channel Pro Device
  • 2 Channel Pro Device Tips
  • 2 Full treatments, including Pre Treat, Stem Plus Rejuvenation or Whitening Procedure, Post Care masks, and sun protection samples

Ongoing monthly benefits:

  • Continued Rental of Channel Pro Device
  • 1 Full Treatment with same options as down payment
  • Exclusive discounts on all future products
  • Upon completion of final payment, certificate of ownership of the Channel Pro Device

Training options available:

  • Free basic training via Video
  • Hands-on training with approved expert (additional purchase)

Please, read Terms and Conditions below before placing an order. By clicking “place an order” at check out you agree to Terms and Conditions.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Payment Structure:
    • The Client agrees to pay a non-refundable Down Payment of $300 upon acceptance of this agreement.
    • The remaining balance will be divided into 10 equal monthly payments of $200 each.
    • Payment shall be made by bank account, credit card, debit card.
  2. Ownership:
    • Upon completion of all 10 monthly payments, the Client will become the rightful owner of the Channel Pro device.
    • The ownership transfer will be processed upon receipt of the final payment.
  3. Cancellation Policy:
    • The Client may cancel this agreement at any time by providing a written notice at least 30 days in advance.
    • If the Client cancels the agreement, they must return the device to the Provider before the next payment is due to avoid further charges.
  4. Initial Package Contents:
    • Upon receipt of the Down Payment, the Client will be provided with the Channel Pro device.
    • The initial package will include 2 tips, 2 full treatments (including Pre-Treatment, Procedure – [Stem Plus Rejuvenation] or [Stem Plus Whitening]), Post-Care masks, and samples of sun protection products.
  5. Monthly Treatment Benefits:
    • Upon completion of each monthly payment, the Client will receive 1 full treatment with options similar to the initial package treatment.
  6. Completion of Agreement:
    • Upon the successful completion of all 10 monthly payments, the Client will gain full ownership of the Channel Pro device.
    • Additionally, the Client will become eligible for special discounts on all products offered by the Provider to support their business endeavors.
  7. Training Options:
    • The Provider offers a complimentary basic training session via Facetime.
    • Alternatively, the Client may opt to purchase a hands-on training session with an approved trainer, subject to additional fees.
  8. General Terms:
    • This agreement is binding upon both parties and may not be transferred or assigned without written consent from the other party.
    • Any modifications or amendments to this agreement must be made in writing and signed by both parties

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