Befojection Mask


  • Resmelin 20,000ppm
  • Centella Asiatica 388,800ppm

Feel confident in your own skin. Start building an effective skincare routine.

BEFOJECTION MASK removes sebum and dead skin cells and delivers rich active ingredients to nourish the skin in order to prep the skin to its maximum condition before getting treatment.

Customer Skin Concerns:

Aged Skin – Loss of elasticity, Deep wrinkles, Loss of volume, Enlarged pores

Acne-prone Skin – Breakouts, Excessive sebum, Dead skin build-up, Clogged pores

Sensitive Skin – Redness, Recovery slows down, Increased skin temperature, Hyperpigmentation

Dry Skin – Caky makeup, Rough skin texture, Dehydrated skin, Tiny bumps

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